On this page you will find material and tutorials related to the areas of Sustainable Forest Management as well as Decision Support Systems for forest management.

The information compiled on this website supports the courses WOOD 492, FRST 424 as well as MSFM 558. However, access is free for everyone interested in the techniques and approaches we are using both in the classroom as well as in our lab, the Forest Resources and Environmental Services Hub (FRESH).

The following pages are dealing with computer based decision support systems (DSS) and modeling for decision support.
All the tools we are using are always based on conceptual forest models and…

A model is an abstraction of reality – It is a simplification of a real system

Simple approaches are often well suited to find answers to specific questions we are asking, as they allow us to avoid unnecessary detail. This is especially important when details are not supported by the data we do rely on in our modeling. Simple models: Are easy to interpret, run fast, easier to explain. Simplifying a real system however also requires us to make specific assumptions. It is very important to be – in all stages of our modeling activities – remain aware of these assumptions. This will allow us to realistically interpret and apply the results we derive using DSS.

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